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About Columbia Windows and Doors Replacement

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s beauty and energy efficiency, then door and window replacement is an excellent home improvement project to consider. Columbia, South Carolina homeowners can trust Columbia Windows and Doors to deliver top-quality replacement windows and doors that are fully customized to meet the unique needs of your home. 

Columbia Windows & Doors ensures that homeowners will be paired with experienced, knowledgeable window consultants and installers that are dedicated to make your project easy and successful. From the first call until the last window is installed, we have your back.

With our quality window and door products and passionate team, we assure you that your home will be in good hands.

Our Services

Window Installation

New window installation can be fully customized to meet your unique needs and style preferences. Columbia Windows and Doors makes the installation process simple and convenient, with project technicians and installers who are highly recommended for their professionalism and quality work.

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are an excellent way to improve your home's energy efficiency, save on energy bills, and enhance your home's exterior beauty. Columbia Windows makes the window replacement process simple and convenient by providing in-home consultations for customers.

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Entry Doors Replacement

At Columbia Windows, you can choose from a wide range of patio doors that are fully customized to your home's design and style. You can select from sliding doors, French doors, and other options that are designed to enhance your home's beauty, energy efficiency, and function.

Why Columbia Windows and Doors?

Our Customers Are Our Top Priority

At Columbia Windows, customer care is our top priority. Our dedicated team of customer service representatives is available to answer any questions you may have before, during, or after your project.

We offer quality products and services at a reasonable price and are highly recommended by homeowners in the Columbia area. Our customer care is second to none, and we’re always happy to assist you with any last-minute questions or requests.

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Door and Window Replacement FAQs

Replacing your old doors and windows with new ones is an excellent way to enhance your home’s beauty and energy efficiency. Here are some of the benefits of door and window replacement:

  1. Energy Efficiency: New windows and doors will help to reduce energy costs, improve insulation, and provide better temperature control.

  2. Improved Function: New windows and doors function better, making it easier to open and close, improving the flow of fresh air, and reducing noise.

  3. Increased Home Value: New windows and doors increase the value of your home and provide curb appeal that potential buyers will notice.

Replacement windows are an essential home improvement project that not only enhances the beauty of your home’s exterior but also improves energy efficiency. Old or damaged windows can lead to air leaks, higher energy bills, and diminished function. The installation of new windows will reduce energy costs and improve the home’s overall energy efficiency.

At Columbia Windows and Doors, we offer a variety of replacement windows, including vinyl windows, fully customized windows, and energy star-rated windows. We use automated technology and custom manufacturing to provide you with the perfect fit for your home’s beauty and design.

It depends on the scale of the door and window replacement projects.

Columbia Windows and Doors can provide you with an estimate of the project’s cost, and offer financing options, including approved credit.

Columbia Windows believes that its customers should always receive high-quality products and services at a reasonable price, with no last-minute questions or surprises.

There are many window styles available for replacement, but some of the most popular ones include double-hung windows, casement windows, bay windows, bow windows, and picture windows.

Each style has its own advantages and can provide a beautiful view and natural light to your home.

High-quality windows offer many benefits to homeowners, such as improved energy efficiency, better noise reduction, and increased curb appeal.

When you install high-quality windows, you can enjoy a more comfortable and energy-efficient home while also enhancing its appearance.

If your windows are more than 10 years old, they may be due for replacement. Other signs that you may need to replace your windows include drafts, condensation, difficulty opening or closing, and visible damage or decay.

There are many materials available for replacement windows, including vinyl, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to consider your needs and budget when choosing a material.

While it’s not necessary to replace your entry doors at the same time as your windows, it can be a good idea to do so if your doors are old or damaged.

This can help improve your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal while also enhancing its security.

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At Columbia Windows and Doors, we provide FREE IN-HOME CONSULTATIONS to help you choose the right products and services for your home improvement project. Our design consultants will work closely with you to ensure your vision is executed correctly, and that you’re satisfied with the final result. We provide design consultation, installation, repair, and pricing services to help you get the perfect fit for your home.

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