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Why Choose Awning Windows?

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Known for their ability to allow air flow while blocking rain, awning windows are a popular choice for many Columbia homes. With sizes to fit any room, these versatile windows can crank open to let in fresh breezes. Their sloped sash design also provides shade from the hot South Carolina sun.

Awning windows feature hinges at the top that allow the sash to swing outward. When open, the sloped sash provides excellent ventilation while keeping the elements out. These windows come in a range of standard and custom sizes to fit any opening. The sash tilts open while remaining securely attached to the frame.

Quality awning windows are constructed from durable vinyl or aluminum. These sturdy materials resist weathering and require little maintenance. Advanced insulating glass helps keep interiors comfortable. Integrated screens keep insects out when the windows are open.

Proper care keeps awning windows working smoothly. Keep tracks clear of dirt and debris so the sash operate freely. Occasional cleaning with mild detergent will keep the glass sparkling. Avoid forcing the sash open to prevent damage to hinges. With simple care, awning windows will provide ventilation and shade for years.


Popular Awning Window Styles

Columbia Windows and Doors provides awning windows in several styles. The sloped sash design is adaptable to meet diverse needs. We offer standard awning windows as well as special shapes and combinations.

Double Hung Awning Windows

By combining double hung and awning sash in one frame, we create double hung awning windows. The lower double hung section slides up and down for ventilation at lower levels. Above is the awning window that swings outward at an angle. With operating sash at varying heights, these allow airflow at both high and low points. Having both window types together also facilitates more complete air exchange. We configure double hung awning windows to match any opening size or shape.

Picture Awning Windows

Picture awning windows feature a large fixed glass pane bordered by two operating awning windows. This gives an attractive continuous line of glass. The venting awning windows flank the stationary center picture window. We recommend picture awning windows to preserve outdoor views while still allowing fresh air flow. The surrounding awning windows can provide breeze and shade without obstructing sight lines. Picture awning combos are also ideal for large windows and patio doors to add light and space.

Triangle Awning Windows

For windows placed in gables or decorative openings, we offer triangle awning windows. These feature angled sash topped by an awning window. Triangle windows can be configured as isosceles or right triangles depending on placement. The awning window mounted above provides ventilation and shade. Triangle awning windows make optimal use of the unique shapes in gables, eaves, and accent locations. We manufacture these windows to match the exact specifications of any triangular space.

Circle Awning Windows

Round accent windows deserve unique awning windows. Our circle awning windows feature curved awning sash custom-built to fit circular openings. These eye-catching windows make an impact in gables, accent walls, and porch enclosures. Circle awning windows retain the ventilation and shade benefits of standard versions. Their custom curved awning sash tops off round windows with style. We carefully craft the radius of the sash to precisely match each circular window opening.

Specialty Awning Windows

In combination configurations or uncommon shapes like circles and triangles, awning windows enhance form and function. We have over 60 years of expertise designing windows for distinctive spaces. Our custom manufacturing capabilities deliver awning windows tailored to your vision. Let our consultants collaborate with you to determine the optimal awning window styles for your home. We utilize cutting edge technology to craft specialty windows made to order. With custom sizing, angles, and combinations, our specialty awning windows maximize the potential of unique openings. We help breathe new life into homes with beautiful made-to-fit accent windows.

Awning Window Hardware Options for Any Home

When selecting new awning windows for your Columbia home, one important factor to consider is the hardware. Hardware includes the various handles, locks, and opening mechanisms that allow you to operate the windows with ease. At Columbia Windows and Doors, we offer awning windows with several hardware options to match both functionality and aesthetic needs.

Crank Handles

Many awning windows feature a crank handle on the bottom rail to operate the sash. This type of hardware consists of a gear system that connects to the hinge mechanism. Turning the crank handle pushes the window sash out for ventilation. Crank handles come in a sleek low profile shape for a streamlined look. They are commonly found in vinyl or composite awning windows. We offer crank handles in white, beige, brown, and black finishes. The crank handle pairs well with many home decors. For easy operation, a fold-down handle design is also available. When not in use, the handle folds flush into the window frame.

Lever Locks

Another common hardware option for awning windows is the lever lock. This dual-function hardware operates both the opening and locking mechanisms. The lever has one position that allows the window sash to push out for fresh air. Turning the lever to a different spot secures the window tightly closed. Lever lock handles protrude slightly from the window sash. We provide coordinating colors like brown, beige, bronze, and black. For enhanced security, some lever locks come with a key so they can be locked in the closed position. This is ideal for windows that are low to the ground or easily accessible.

Cam Locks

Cam locks offer a high level of security and a sleek, low profile. These smart locks fit flush into the top of the window sash. A key turns the cam lock to disengage the mechanism so the window can open. The smooth cam lock does not detract from awning window aesthetics. We recommend cam locks for awning windows on lower levels or above porch roofs. The keyed operation prevents unwanted entry while still allowing windows to be used for ventilation. Cam locks come in finishes like brushed chrome, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, and antique brass to coordinate with other hardware finishes throughout the home.

Pull Chain Operators

Pull chains provide a traditional way to open awning windows from the interior. A chain connects to the hinge hardware, allowing users to pull the window open from below. The chain hangs down when not in use. Pull chain operators work well for taller awning windows since they allow operation from greater distances. Here at Columbia Windows and Doors, we offer pull chains in matching finishes for a cohesive look. Popular colors include white, brown, black, and bronze. For windows placed higher on the wall, longer pull chain lengths are available. This traditional metal chain hardware remains a timeless choice.

Push Out Handles

For awning windows placed within reach, push out handles offer effortless operation. These metal or plastic handles are mounted on the bottom rail of the sash. Pushing the handle outward causes the window to swing open for ventilation. Releasing the handle allows the sash to retract closed. We provide push out window handles in rectangular or contoured designs. They stand out visually, providing an easy grip point. For contemporary appeal, sleek minimalist handles are an option. We also offer push stick handles that lay nearly flush when not in use. They flip out for pushing the window open.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Columbia Windows and Doors, we frequently receive questions about our awning window services. Here are the most common questions our residential clients ask about awning windows in Columbia, South Carolina.

Awning windows are ideal for Columbia’s climate because they provide excellent ventilation even during light rain. At Columbia Windows and Doors, we ensure a professional window installation, offering durable, energy-efficient replacement windows.

Choosing a company with experience and expertise is key. Columbia Windows and Doors has a proven track record for delivering quality Columbia replacement windows and offering trustworthy window installation Columbia can rely on.

Awning windows are energy-efficient and provide great ventilation, making them ideal for residential windows in Columbia, SC. We offer professional window replacement services to ensure that your home benefits from the latest in window technology.

The installation process for awning windows can typically be completed in a day. Our team at Columbia Windows and Doors prioritizes efficiency without compromising on the quality of window installation.

Regular cleaning and inspections are key to keeping your awning windows in top shape. Columbia Windows and Doors offers expert advice and maintenance tips to ensure your replacement windows remain in optimal condition for years to come.

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Awning windows from Columbia Windows and Doors provide a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality, allowing fresh air into your home regardless of the weather. These windows are ideal for adding a modern touch and enhancing the overall comfort of your space.

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