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Why Choose Casement Windows?

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Looking for stylish, energy-efficient windows to brighten up your Columbia, SC home? Our team recommends casement windows, which open outward like doors to let in fresh air and natural light. With sleek lines and a modern look, these windows can add curb appeal while keeping your utility bills low.

The slimframe design maximizes the view while minimizing exterior glare. Strategic placement in kitchens and dining rooms provides gentle breezes during meal prep and dining. Casement windows also allow for optimal ventilation in stuffy home office spaces. For bedrooms, the crisp airflow creates a relaxing oasis.

Available in custom sizes, these windows can accommodate openings from tiny to huge. Our innovative construction ensures smooth and quiet operation for decades of beauty and performance. With minimal maintenance required, you’ll enjoy the classic style and natural light without hassle.

To preserve the pristine views, gentle cleaning with mild detergent and water is recommended. An occasional application of high-quality wax will maintain the lustrous finish. Avoid abrasive chemicals or materials that could scratch or cloud the glass and finish. With simple care, these windows will maintain their elegant appearance for years to come.

Finding the Right Casement Windows in Columbia, SC with Columbia Windows and Doors

Are you looking to replace or upgrade the windows in your Columbia, South Carolina home? Casement windows are an excellent option to consider. Here’s what you need to know about finding the right casement windows for your needs in Columbia.


Casement windows come in three main materials: vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Vinyl is low maintenance, durable, and insulating. Wood offers a classic, natural look but requires more upkeep. Aluminum provides sleek lines but conducts heat more readily. Assess your home style, climate, and budget to choose the ideal frame material.


Casement windows are available as single, double, or triple panels. Single casements, with one side hinged window, maximize ventilation. Double casements feature two windows separated by a center frame. Triple casements add another window for increased natural light. Evaluate the size of your window opening and desired aesthetic.


Casement windows come in all standard sizes. Custom sizing is also an option if you have an unusually shaped or sized window opening. Professional window installation experts can measure and order the perfect custom casement size.

Energy Efficiency

Today's casement windows utilize advanced glazing technology for energy savings. Options like Low-E glass, argon gas filled gaps, and Energy Star ratings improve insulation. Consider energy-efficient upgrades to cut heating and cooling costs.

Frame Colors

Standard casement window colors include white, tan, brown, and black. The frame shade should complement your home's exterior color scheme. Neutral white and tan fit many styles, while bold black makes a statement.

Grid Patterns

From classic colonial grids to prairie-style patterns, casements offer various grille options. Grids add architectural detail and can match your home's style. Custom grid layouts are also available.


Casement windows feature either a side crank or folding handle to open and close. Many provide a locking mechanism for security. Hardware finishes include brushed chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and more. Pick hardware that is easy to operate and matches your home.

Glass Types

Clear glass is standard, but casement windows can also have frosted, tinted, or textured obscure glass. Privacy options like frosted and tinted glass help filter light. Obscure glass adds visual interest.

Installation & Warranty

For proper installation and performance, it's best to have casement windows professionally installed. Many companies offer lifetime limited warranties or even transferable warranties on casement windows, providing long-term peace of mind.

Enhance Your Home with Stunning Hardware Finishes for Casement Windows

When selecting new casement windows for your Columbia, SC home, one of the most exciting decisions is choosing the hardware finish. The hinges, locks, and handles in finishes like chrome, brass, nickel, and more add style and visual interest to these outward-opening windows. At Columbia Windows and Doors, we offer a wide range of hardware finishes so you can match your décor perfectly.

Chrome Hardware Finish

Chrome is a classic hardware finish option with a bright, sleek, modern look. The reflective properties of chrome make it eye-catching and lend a contemporary vibe. Chrome hardware pairs well with casement windows in sleek frames like vinyl or aluminum. It pops against darker window frames like black or brown.Chrome hardware brings a clean, polished aesthetic that works in traditional, transitional, or contemporary home styles. In contemporary spaces, it provides an ultra-modern accent. For farmhouse or craftsman designs, chrome creates contrast with rustic elements. Chrome is versatile enough for any room but really shines in kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces. Our double or triple casement windows with full chrome hardware will make a statement in your home. For a more understated effect, chrome handles or hinges can add subtle shine. Chrome maintains its luster for years with minimal upkeep required.

Brass Hardware Finish

For a hint of glamour and old-world character, choose a brass hardware finish for casements. Brass emits a warm, golden glow that feels refined and elegant. The yellow undertones of brass complement exterior paint colors like cream, beige, tan, and brown. Brass pairs nicely with many window frame colors like white, black, tan, or wood tones.In traditional home interiors, brass hardware brings a touch of timeless sophistication. The antique patina of aged brass can accentuate farmhouse, craftsman, or cottage style as well. For contemporary spaces, brilliant polished brass provides an elegant pop of color. Brass casement window hardware enhances bedrooms, dining rooms, and studies for luxurious ambiance. Bold brass carries well from the exterior to interior. Keep the integrity of indoor and outdoor brass finishes with periodic polishing. Lacquer coating also helps reduce tarnishing.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware

For a uniquely rustic, old-world look, oil rubbed bronze window hardware beautifully complements casement windows. This dark hardware finish has rich brown and black hues that resemble aged cast iron. The muted color works well with brown, tan, cream, white, and wood exterior palettes.Oil rubbed bronze hardware fits seamlessly into craftsman, farmhouse, cottage, and rustic styles, but also pairs nicely with dark contemporary schemes. Use it alongside our wood casement windows for a cohesive aesthetic. The patina of oil rubbed bronze develops an aged, antique appearance over time. Ideal for accent windows, this hardware finish adds subtle drama and charm. Use oil rubbed bronze in special spaces like master suites, dining rooms, and home offices. Keep the allure of oil rubbed bronze intact by avoiding harsh cleaners which may strip the finish.

Nickel Hardware Finish

Nickel window hardware provides an appealing satin sheen and versatility. The semi-reflective silver tone nicely complements most casement window frames like white, black, tan, gray, or woodgrain. Nickel pairs well with a variety of exterior color schemes too. The subtle shine of nickel split finishes looks fantastic flanking large picture windows. Nickel offers a lighter hardware option for dark window frames. For light colored frames, nickel provides contrast and definition. Use nickel to add an airy, contemporary element to traditional spaces as well. A nickel finish stays true over time and coordinates across interior and exterior applications. Keep nickel hardware in top form by cleaning with mild soap and water. Avoid abrasive chemicals or materials. Nickel window hardware works well in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and more.

Antique Brass Hardware

For old-world character, antique brass hardware beautifully complements casement windows. The darkened, oxidized finish of antique brass conveys a sense of heritage and charm. Its brownish-gold patina resembles aged brass. Antique brass hardware coordinates well with cream, beige, tan, brown, white, and wood-toned exteriors. In traditional spaces, antique brass hardware provides a historic design element. It also gives modern spaces a subtle rustic touch. Use multiple antique brass casement windows on your home's exterior to create visual harmony. Antique brass finish can develop naturally over time for authenticity. This hardware finish enhances living rooms, bedrooms, and studies wonderfully. Periodic polishing helps maintain the oxidized appeal. Avoid bleaches, ammonia, or abrasives that may wear this finish prematurely. Protect the integrity of indoor and outdoor antique brass with compatible finishes.

Bronze Hardware Finish

For a rich, distinguished look, choose bronze casement window hardware. This dark brown metal finish gives off an artful, sophisticated appearance. The neutral undertones complement exterior color palettes like cream, gray, tan, brown, white, and wood tones. Bronze hardware also pairs nicely with most window frames.Featuring bronze hardware on the exterior and interior of your home creates a cohesive, upscale look. Bronze lends a touch of luxury to modern and traditional spaces alike. Use it to add striking accent windows in formal living and dining rooms or bedrooms. Over time, bronze may develop a cherished patina. To maintain the refined look, care for bronze hardware gently. Use mild, non-abrasive cleaners and polishes. Avoid harsh chemicals or scrubbing that could wear down the finish. Bronze window hardware provides timeless, elegant appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Columbia Windows and Doors, we’re dedicated to helping our clients understand the benefits of casement windows. Below are responses to the most common queries regarding casement window installation and replacement in Columbia, SC.

Casement windows open fully to the outside, allowing maximum airflow into your home. We provide expert window installation in Columbia to ensure proper placement for optimal ventilation.

Homes with hard-to-reach window spots or that require enhanced airflow can benefit from casement windows. Our team can help determine if this style suits your specific needs for replacement windows.

Yes, their design can complement historic architecture while providing modern efficiency. Columbia Windows and Doors specializes in blending replacement windows into existing styles.

Casement windows typically come with secure locking mechanisms, enhancing home safety. We offer installation services that maximize these security features.

Look for expertise, a proven track record, and quality materials. Columbia Windows and Doors takes pride in providing trustworthy and expert window installation services in Columbia, South Carolina.

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Casement windows from Columbia Windows and Doors offer a sleek design and are perfect for catching breezes, providing excellent ventilation and unobstructed views. Their ease of operation and energy efficiency make them a top choice for homeowners.

Enhance your home with the functional beauty of casement windows. Reach out now to learn more!

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