Energy Efficient Windows in Columbia, SC

Why Choose Energy Efficient Windows?

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Our team knows that finding the perfect windows for your home can be a daunting task. With so many options on the market, it’s hard to know which ones will provide the aesthetics, performance, and efficiency you desire.

That’s why we offer a line of windows featuring high-tech glass that provides optimal insulation. This innovative glazing system helps prevent heat loss in winter and rejects solar heat gain in summer. So you can enjoy comfortable temperatures in your home while also reducing energy bills.

In addition to energy efficiency, our windows come loaded with features to enhance your home. Tilt-in sashes make cleaning a breeze from inside your house. Embedded mesh keeps bugs out while letting fresh air in. And with multiple frame colors and finishes available, you’re sure to find options to match your home’s style.

When it comes to size, we aim to satisfy. Our windows come in shapes and dimensions to fit everything from large living room spaces to small bathroom openings. And since they’re custom-built, we can tailor the measurements to your exact specifications.

While our windows require minimal maintenance, we do recommend periodically washing the glass with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. Vinyl frames can be wiped down as needed. And any moving parts should be sprayed with a dry lubricant about once a year to prevent sticking.

With their energy efficiency, custom options, and hassle-free upkeep, our windows are designed to provide lasting quality and comfort. Contact our team today to learn more about the best windows for your home in Columbia, SC.

Choosing Energy Efficient Window Styles for Your Columbia, SC Home

When selecting new energy efficient windows in Columbia, considering the right style for your home is key. The style you choose impacts aesthetics, functionality, energy savings and beyond. At Columbia Windows and Doors, we offer a wide selection of styles that not only complement your architecture but also provide optimal efficiency. We’ll look at four popular styles and how they promote sustainability through energy savings, natural light and more.

Bay windows are a great energy efficient option when you want to make a statement while conserving energy. With their multiple panes angled outward, bays feature:

  • Outstanding R-values – Bays insulate efficiently thanks to minimally conductive materials, multiple glass panes, inert gas fills and advanced weatherstripping. High insulation means less heat transfer for energy savings.
  • Solar gain benefits – Strategically placed bays absorb and distribute natural light and solar warmth throughout a home’s interior to reduce reliance on artificial lighting and heating.
  • Draft blocking – Tight weather seals between bays’ stationary side panes and operating center pane prevent air leaks that waste conditioned indoor air. Less infiltration means increased comfort and efficiency.
  • Recyclable materials – Bays are constructed of vinyl, composites and other recyclable materials to reduce environmental impact. Efficient manufacturing methods also conserve resources

With their gently rounded shape, energy efficient bow windows promote sustainability through:

  • Advanced glazing – Low-emissivity coatings on bows’ insulated glass units reflect heat back into a home in winter while blocking solar gain in summer. This reduces the energy demand for heating and cooling.
  • Year-round savings – Gas fills between panes and thermally broken frames minimize conductive heat flow. Tight seals reduce leaks for efficiency in any season.
  • Passive solar heating – Bows’ curved form allows more angled light to enter and heat your home naturally during colder months, lowering utility usage.
  • Renewable materials – Bows utilize recycled vinyl, glass and other components to conserve resources and reduce environmental impact.

Picture windows’ wide unobstructed views provide both beauty and efficiency through:

  • Optimized solar gain – Broad expanses of high performance glazing allow abundant free passive solar warmth into your home during colder weather. This lowers your heating burden.
  • Increased natural light – No divided lites mean sunlight can freely stream in and brighten rooms. Less reliance on artificial lighting conserves electricity.
  • Advanced weathersealsPicture windows feature impenetrable seals and insulation to prevent costly air leaks, keeping interior air conditioned or heated air where it belongs.
  • Sustainable manufacturing – Vinyl, composite and other green materials make pictures windows recyclable and environmentally responsible.

With a sloped top-hinged sash, awning windows sustainably provide fresh air while shielding from the elements:

  • Secure ventilation – When partially open, awnings allow refreshing natural airflow free of harsh weather effects. Strategic use reduces air conditioner runtime.
  • Unhindered daylight No horizontal sashes mean sunbeams and daylight freely enter rooms to reduce light fixture usage.
  • Tight seals – Multi-point locks and compressed seals eliminate gaps that allow energy loss. Any season, awnings conserve heating and cooling.
  • Renewable materials – Vinyl, glass and other recyclable elements minimize environmental impact while maximizing efficiency.

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With energy-efficient windows from Columbia Windows and Doors, you can enjoy a more comfortable home environment while reducing your energy costs. These windows are designed to provide superior insulation, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Make a smart upgrade with our energy-efficient windows. Get in touch with us now to start saving and enhancing your comfort!

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