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Why Choose Bay Windows?

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Bring the outside in with beautiful, energy-efficient bay windows from our team. These windows are designed to provide more space, light, and views without the need for an addition.

The clean lines and custom sizes available allow them to enhance any home’s architecture. Their innovative construction techniques paired with high-performance glass make our bay windows exceptionally durable and draft-free.

The unique shape fills a room with natural light, creating an open and inviting atmosphere. The additional space is perfect for cozy reading nooks or displaying special collections. And the views lend visual interest that fosters relaxation.

Our bay windows can be customized with a variety of glass options, hardware finishes, and interior trim choices to perfectly match your home’s style. Each is built from quality materials that stand the test of time.

Low-maintenance vinyl frame exteriors eliminate the need for periodic repainting. Advanced insulation technologies and weatherstripping keep interior temperatures comfortable. Our windows are engineered to last for decades of smooth, reliable operation.

The Wide Range of Styles for Bay Windows in Columbia, SC

When considering installing new bay windows in your Columbia, SC home, one of the most important decisions is selecting the right style for your needs and aesthetic. The expert team at Columbia Windows and Doors offers a versatile selection of operating and design styles to perfectly suit your space. Read on to learn more about the many stylish and functional bay window style options we provide to homeowners in the Columbia area.

Casement Bay Windows Allow Full Ventilation

Casement windows are a popular bay window style, providing full ventilation when open. Casements feature hinges on one side that allow the sash to swing open, angling the glass panes to direct fresh air inward. When closed, casement windows seal up tightly for excellent insulation. This style is great if you want to let in fresh breezes. We offer casement bays with stunning curved and arched glass panes that make a bold statement. These meticulously crafted windows can turn an ordinary bay into a work of art. Their clean lines and sleek handles give a modern look. Casement bay windows are also easily combined with picture windows for an expanded view.

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Double-Hung Bay Windows Offer Flexible Ventilation

Double-hung windows are another excellent option for bay window ventilation and aesthetic versatility. With two movable sashes that slide vertically past each other, you can open the top, bottom, or both parts of a double-hung bay. This gives you great control over airflow. Our double-hung bays feature meticulously engineered sash balancing systems for smooth and effortless operation. We also offer custom grid patterns and glass types to create striking visual effects. Complementary picture windows placed between the double-hung units create a wide panoramic view. For traditional charm, double-hung windows can't be beat.

Awning Bay Windows Catch Cooling Breezes

Awning windows are a great choice for bays in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas prone to moisture. The sash is hinged at the top and swings outward when opened. This allows you to circulate fresh air while deflecting rain and shielding your interior from the elements. Our quality awning bays feature durable hardware and weatherstripping that allows the windows to hold up to daily use. Their clean lines blend with modern and traditional decor. For kitchens, we recommend complementing awning bays with transom windows above to usher in natural light. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of awning bay windows.

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Picture Bay Windows Showcase Scenic Views

Picture windows are the ultimate choice for bay windows when your priority is maximizing views and space. As their name suggests, picture bays frame outdoor scenery like works of art. The large fixed panes provide unobstructed sightlines. We create stunning picture bay windows from the highest quality glass and materials to ensure durability. Thanks to precision engineering, our bays don't require heavy mullions and joints, providing seamless views. Picture windows can be combined in bays with operating windows on the sides. Bring the outdoors into your Columbia home with custom-crafted picture bays.

Slider Bay Windows Deliver Ventilation and Sightlines

Looking for bay windows that offer ventilation options without obstructing views? Then slider windows are for you. With operable sashes that glide horizontally past each other, slider bays provide excellent airflow control while preserving outward sightlines when open. Our premium slider bay windows are built to last thanks to state-of-the-art welding, reinforced frames, and weatherstripping. We also offer models with lift-slide functionality that makes operating large sliding window panes effortless. For light and breezes without sacrificing views, slider bays are the perfect solution.

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Bay windows from Columbia Windows and Doors not only add architectural interest to your home but also extend your interior space and flood it with natural light. They’re perfect for creating that inviting nook or maximizing scenic views.

Transform your living space with our beautiful bay windows. Contact us now to explore your options!

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